Job Search Tune-Up

by The HeadHunter on September 17, 2009

Is your job search sluggish, sputtering?   Here’s a basic “points and plugs” checklist to help you catch a spark and get moving at full speed again.

Make sure:

  1. You are a power user of these job boards and search aggregators: Monster, CareerBuilder(job boards) Indeed,, (job posting aggregators).  You have found the best niche job board(s) for your line of work.  These are often better than Monster and CareerBuilder.
  2. You have sought professional guidance to help you write your own world class resume, or you have had a professional resume writer produce one for you.  Either way, you have received unbiased opinions confirming that you have a GREAT resume.  You have no doubt that your resume can be continually modified and improved as appropriate throughout your search process.
  3. You have a powerful profile on LinkedIn.  You consistently use LinkedIn to make connections, expand your professional network and discover new job leads.
  4. You are an avid researcher.  You leverage the value of available job search resources.  You are making critical career decisions and exploring opportunities based on accurate information.
  5. You are reading books within your field of expertise, keeping up to date with industry news and trends.
  6. You have taken time to assess your performance in phone screens and personal interviews to date.  You recognize some key areas to work on that may include:  concise impact answers, eye contact, persuasive communication, energy, personability, etc.
  7. You have read at least one book on job search, like Get the Job You Want Even When No One’s Hiring. Get the Job You Want Even When No One's Hiring
  8. You realize that networking is the most powerful part of your job search effort.
  9. You are taking good care of yourself: exercising, eating right, maintaining high energy, keeping sharp, managing stress and staying vital.
  10. You view the job search and interview process as a competitive challenge and you are preparing in every way to compete at your highest level.  You are willing to work harder than your competition.
  11. You are focused on networking your way into and applying for specific jobs you can win.  You are not wasting time carpet-bombing random job postings with your resume.  
  12. You have made professional recruiters in your space aware of your interests.  You have learned how to make contact with headhunters.
  13. You have come to grips with the fact that job search can be a difficult and painful process.  You press on with an organized, on-purpose and high activity regimen.
  14. You have refined and practiced a sharp introduction and elevator pitch so that people you connect with know immediately who you are and what you do.  You make a strong, favorable and memorable impression with everyone you come in contact with.
  15. You understand that if you do not have a full-time paying job,  your job search is your full-time job.  Job search is networking.  Ergo your full-time job is networking.

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