Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job

by The HeadHunter on February 25, 2009

Starting to get the idea that your great resume may not be enough?  Dan Schawbel can teach you how to market yourself and how to promote yourself into the right channels.  Schawbel  is the author of ME 2.0 and the creative force behind Personal Branding Blog.  His writings focus on the “what to use” and “how to do it” elements involved in getting the reactions you want from other people.

In Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job on Mashable, Schawbel highlights some of the best social networking/media resources you can use  in your job search and explores some specific things you can do to stand out among the masses and be found.


One of the most powerful advantages you can gain in a competitive employment market is the ability to attract the attention of potential employers and create a compelling impression at every touch point.  Your resume and any other professional profiles need to be distinctively well done and they must appear in the places employers use to seek out top talent in your field(s).  

Are ALL of your professional profiles distinctively well done?  (or,  Why would your LinkedIn profile be less exceptional than your resume?)

Do you have your professional profiles in ALL of the right places?

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