Participants Rave about Job Search Seminars!

by The HeadHunter on April 19, 2009

We held the first two “Meet the Headhunter” job search seminars on March 19th and March 23rd.

A total of 44 people attended (20+ at each).  I thought that was a pretty good turn out given that we intentionally didn’t widely publicize the first couple of events.   Our aim was to attract a group of serious professionals actively or passively seeking  jobs.    The people in attendance were exactly that. 

Both groups of attendees were amazing!  Participants included Sales and Marketing professionals, Attorneys, HR executives, Project Management professionals, Technology professionals, Engineers, COO, etc.  There were even a couple of Recruiters in attendance.  More than 1/3 of the people attending were currently employed but considering making a change. 

Because the program was new,  I was worried about the seminar content and delivery.  As a headhunter discussing the realities of the job search process, my approach isn’t quite as conservative or sensitive as that of an HR administrator, Life Coach or Career Counselor.   I developed the 2.5 hour presentation to engage serious job seekers in a different way and with different information than they might expect from an employment professional.  My intention was to bring real information and real help, not just hope and process.  Before the first seminar, I was really wondering if my approach and my presentation style would be viewed as “radical”.

The unsolicited (we didn’t do a seminar survey or ask for comments) feedback I received afterward was overwhelming and it quickly answered my fears regarding the content and approach.  I was excited by the real help people said they received and I was pumped by the ecstatic responses..  Whew!

In all, 26 participants sent emails, LinkedIn/social network messages or hand-written “Thank You” cards after the seminars.  After both seminars,  it seemed that nearly everyone took time walk up to me,  make a personal connection, give a generous compliment and say ”thank you”.  Talk about gratifying!

10 excerpts from written participant feedback:

“I also have to tell you that I was really skeptical about coming today but that had to be the best use of $25 and 2.5 hours of my time ever!  You were really practical and helpful without being condescending or know-it-all and I am ever grateful.”  AV

“Your information was excellent – relevant and timely as I am in the middle of a job search. I appreciated your candor and willingness the share your insider tips for powerful resumes, contacting recruiters and effective networking.”  LB

“I wanted to let you know that [I] thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and insights… I will be recommending your services and classes to anyone I know looking or needing to make a career change.”  BI

“I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar this morning. I especially found helpful your comments on… and the concept of …  BL

“I felt it was a very informational and helpful presentation with excellent reference materials specifically the …”  SB 

“First off – thanks again for the very informative and beneficial seminar today. The content was exceptional and I heard the same comments from others that were there.”  BR

 ”Your seminar this morning was awesome. I posted the link for Monday’s session on my Facebook page as well as on the … Network on Linked In. Your tips, insights and don’ts will become part of my job hunt framework. Thanks again for taking part of your day to share your experiences.”  JS

“Rick – thanks so much for the seminar this morning. I actually used some of your tips in a phone screen this afternoon with …  and they told me at the end of the interview they want me in for an interview with the hiring manager next week – Yeah!”  AM

“Thank you for the great presentation today. I found it very beneficial and will use the tips that I wrote down. These tips and suggestions will not only assist in my job search, but I can see where they will also continue to assist in how I perform the duties of my NEW job.”  KS


“Heard you gave a great presentation – better than any other this person ever heard before.”  [Career Counselor working with an attendee]

To everyone attending

Thank you!  For the gift of your time, your interest, your participation, your appreciation and your confidence.

With confidence inspired by the help received by so many, I’m working on sharpening  the program content and planning to schedule another seminar in the very near future. 

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